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Pager Dashboard

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Pager Dashboard
Managed research, UX/UI, and business requirements to create this medical dashboard concept.


The Challenge
Medical staff has to process and manage a lot of information in pressure-filled, fast-paced environments – all while providing quality care to patients. The Medical Dashboard should be an easy, useful tool to help staff quickly and efficiently do their job. The product also needs to integrate business requirements and the needs of the Care Team and Patients.


Project Requirements

Business Requirements
- Dashboard should be efficient (save time) and effective (correct diagnoses)
- Dashboard should allow for quick responses to reduce patient wait times
- Chat efficiencies and easy data recording saves time during and post chat

Care Team Requirements
- Dashboard should allow staff to easily find and scan information
- Care Team needs to easily manage multiple chats simultaneously
- Staff should be able to transfer and exchange information easily
- Care Team needs to easily record patient notes and avoid time-consuming paperwork

Patient Requirements
- “Healthcare is complicated, make it easy for me”
- Product should offer trusted, secure, and professional medical advice
- Needs to be a simple process with short wait times and quick responses


Since remote healthcare is a newer concept and technology, there is not a lot of publicly available competition. However, there are products available with similar functionalities that were referenced while creating this product to identify common practices and determine priorities. We also integrated Care Team and Patient needs based on common healthcare situations.


Research Learnings and Implementation
- Organize information in sections to be easily scanned and processed
- Use colors and text treatments to highlight urgent needs and priorities
- Easily navigate between tasks and pertinent information
- Clean and clear design that shows information upfront and offers clear steps


Sketched and refined wireframe concepts to integrate all requirements and functionalities. This helped prioritize the complicated content needs.


Design Solution
The design concept integrated business requirements, functionalities, and research learnings. The clean design helps the Care Team easily consume a lot of information and do their jobs to the best of their abilities. The design was now ready for build, testing and iterations.

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Key Takeaways
- Important to reference designs that work across all industries and are relevant to the product needs
- Continue iterating, integrating and updating based on team and consumer feedback
- Look for more ways to improve communication process